Monday, July 25, 2016



Misery Ritual is the dark, brooding, and crushing noise project of Kyle Ferguson. On this latest output from the project, we are treated to 4 tracks (roughly 35 minutes in total) of some minimalist, carefully structured and crafted, meticulous and patiently executed dark industrial-tinged harsh noise. Sounding considerably classic like the oldest material of Atrax Morgue and Controlled Bleeding, Misery Ritual is emphatic on atmosphere and tone, numbing the listener into a devotional scenario. The mixing here is excellently-executed, and shows that this artist has a true knowledge and respect for his craft. 

Opening track "Reduce" starts things off perfectly. A continuous rising-tide of crackling walls come in and out, and in and out, for the duration of the track, while several other layers of harshness attacks the left and right channels. As I stated earlier, the mixing here really shines. The next track "A Throat Filled With Fire" is very straight-forward, and not in a bad way. Subtle walls of reverb and atmosphere dwell under a cacophony of feedback and electronic mayhem. The drones beneath the noise eventually raise and lower in pitch, creating clear tones and harmonies which give the track a deeply ominous vibe. 

"A Lash For Every Failure" stars off gritty and deep, differing from the last two tracks nicely. Half-way through the track explodes into a crushing and throbbing wall of noise until eventually falling off and transitioning into the final track "The Dull Ache of Acceptance". This track is probably my favorite on the album. The lofi, dark industrial influence is so strong on this track. If you're a fan of Genocide Organ, White Hospital, Hunting Lodge, etc., this track will be right up your alley. It's bleak, cold, crackling, droning, and hypnotic, while also rounding out the album perfectly. 

This is a fantastic release and definitely a project you should keep on your radar. 


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