Monday, May 23, 2016

CRUSTGIRLS - Wishing You Nothing But The Worst REVIEW


Crustgirls is the noise project of Florida musician Matthew Jacob Randall. A project that I've always been drawn to - and have actually released a split with in the past - because of its atypical subject matter in the world of noise and prolific yet consistent discography (tape-graphy?). Here we see Crustgirls release his most focused and aggressive release yet. A perfect balance of digital mayhem and post-industrial extremity, this project has found its voice and is expressing it clearer than ever. 

Throbbing between high-pitched synth squelches and glitch-inspired noodles, no sound here overstays its welcome. It's an uninviting ride of lo-fi auditory stress and anxiety. Found sounds and unsettling vocal snippets clutter and interject themselves without warning. Distressing feedback and static glitches keep the listener on edge and alert - almost in the same way a well-crafted suspenseful horror film would do. The eventual payoffs are satisfying - when this release explodes and climaxes, it doesn't disappoint. 

The release, a brief 14 minutes, accomplishes exactly what it needs to. It throws the listener through as many intense soundscapes and atonal black holes as possible. What makes this album so enjoyable is truly the replayability. I haven't been able to stop listening to this album since it dropped, and I'll no doubt be including it in my year-end list. This is a highly-recommended listen. 

Wishing you nothing but the worst indeed, this uncompromising and anti-social collection of power electronics freak-outs will leave you wanting to dive deeper into this artist's material. Don't expect to be eased into the anxious sonic-palettes Crustgirls throws at you, but do expect a pay-off and a noise release I guarantee you'll be returning to. 


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