Monday, July 6, 2015



While this is a blog dedicated to covering artists - or perhaps "anti-artists" - who pursue the sonically liberal extremes of harsh noise, power electronics, drone, and HNW, this is quite a change of pace for this blog. And a much needed and appreciated one. Dark and grimy, but smooth and punching enough to last, this promising demo from the U.K.'s own Negative Space is a fast, quick, and exhilarating release of focused post-punk with a tendency of paying homage to the classic acts of No Wave and goth rock. 

The compositions here and straight-forward and haunting. While this band certainly doesn't stray too far from certain contemporaries (Iceage, Lakes, Night Sins, Wreck And Reference) they also incorporate enough classic textures and atmospheres to make the most devoted DNA fans happy. 

A highly recommended listen, and a must have for noise fans who are keeping an eye on the U.K.'s contributions to the genre (Reece Green of Alocasia Garden and Vanity Pill Records is also part of this project). 


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