Monday, May 18, 2015



The American Noise scene continues to astound and impress me with powerful and unique groups and projects. This East Coast (NJ to be exact) group, Transient In Barcelona is no exception. In a brief 20 minutes this group is able to release one of the most solid industrial noise releases I've heard in a while.

Experimental noise duo Transient In Barcelona are a talented outfit that focuses on hypnotic rhythms, banshee vocal deliveries, well-produced, yet still raw electronics (sharing more in favor with Nine Inch Nails, Death Grips, Nah, and Zola Jesus than say Whitehouse) that makes for an engaging and unique listening experience. 

Each track executes a single idea - inspired by a minimalist aesthetic I'm assuming - and expanding that idea slowly and slowly over time, but not allowing the track to drag and become a bore. This is not a minimalist drone release, rather a repetitive industrial noise EP that aims to dismantle the listener's expectations with every single minute that passes. The swing beat on the third track "Paratrooper" is easily the greatest highlight of this recording and of the point I just addressed earlier. 

Belonging to the Uninvited Records label, Transient In Barcelona stand on their own, denying genre expectations and scene-political safeness for the integrity of the artistry they present to us. A must listen for any noise/industrial fan. 


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