Monday, May 18, 2015

SORG - Demo 2014 REVIEW

SORG - DEMO 2014

SORG is [were] a sludge/black metal/powerviolence/grind band from the UK that - in their brief time as a band - has released some truly crushing and compelling material. And nowhere is the band's primal aggression and lo-fi ruthlessness executed more-perfectly than on their 2014 demo. 

This demo starts with the track "Excidium", which serves as an excellent opener. The dissonant chord structures and fried-fuzz black metal distortion create a sound that is both familiar yet still intriguing, and the track's chaotic transitioning perfectly introduces the listener to just about every stylistic direction they have in store for the listener. 

The following tracks "God" and "SORG" continue to traverse the styles of sludge, grind, and black metal effortless. But it is on the track "Sludge Cunt" that this Demo truly shines. The track is hypnotic and sounds like the hybrid bastard child of Admiral Angry, Xibalba, Snakes, and Me And Him Call It Us. The track is dissonant, slow-burning, and trudges - crushing the listener with every single beat. Closing track "Storglomvatnet" is a frenzy of d-beats, blasts, and walls of lush, fried distortion that packs a powerful and fast-paced punch to end this demo. 

Gone too soon, unfortunately, SORG were a powerful outfit whose musical outputs were always satisfying and enjoyable. RIP, SORG. 


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