Saturday, April 11, 2015



Atmosphere, brutality, ambition, and a lack of mercy. All of these characteristics describe the latest piece of material from New York harsh noise/power electronics/harsh noise wall act Swallowing Bile. A project I've reviewed and covered prior on this blog, this is the work of an individual whose frustration, isolation, rage, and malcontent with his surroundings seeps into the unforgiving and crushing sounds he records. This is record touches new territory for the project, abandoning simple textures and fragmented glimpses into a frustrated and homicidal mind, and instead showing listeners full circle something they may not want to see or hear. 

Clocking in at just under 30 minutes and composed of 6 tracks, Swallowing Bile never lets us get to comfortable with one sound or abusive electronic wall. Instead, the project focuses more on lyrical concept. An explicit and blunt lyrical commentary on the inner-workings of a nihilistic and malicious serial killer, Swallowing Bile paints themselves as a character - similar to how Deathpile did over a decade ago - but only allows this to show as an influence and not some copy-cat experiment gone wrong. The tracks are dark and moody, harsh, loud, and above all unsettling. 

Closing with the track "By Her Tongue" we see this project toying with sounds they've incorporated throughout releases - a kind of dark ambient meets found sound hybrid - but here it is executed with perfection. The album just builds and builds and builds as it drags the listener into an auditory hell. The track explodes and refrains, only to explode again with the man behind this intense project Ethan Ebeling screaming passionately about the harm he promises to inflict on his next victim. It's a perfect ending to an unsettling and dark noise record. 

This project never disappoints, and Swallowing Bile proves once again how you can expand upon the microgenre of Harsh Noise Wall and take it into newer - dare I say - artistic directions. Call this what you want, this is a violent record, bent on causing harm to those it disdains. 


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