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GRVD: Can you describe your beginnings with noise and the meaning behind your pseudonym Poete Maudit?

PM: My beginnings were rooted in a punk band I was in and how everything I wanted to do was increasingly based on improvisation. The things I wanted to do got less and less structured until I had to leave the band to do things for myself. I'm still friends with most of the guys in the band. One is directly involved with my projects. "Les poètes maudits" was a collection of poetry curated by Paul Verlaine. It's one of my favorite volumes, I have a translated version of it.

GRVD: You seem to have a profound influence coming from poetry and literature. Who are some of your favorite authors and poets and to what extent does their work influence you?

PM: Poète Maudit draws from older poetry, predominately French poets such as Rimbaud, Artaud, Verlaine, Apollinaire, Breton, and occasional English poets such as Blake. All titles for Poète are taken from lines from the poem that influenced them. I usually try to capture the feeling of that poem in the track.
Legs of the Fly is influenced (somewhat indirectly) by transgressive literature such as Burroughs, de Sade, Bataille, Acker, and the like, and also sometimes from film. It's also a very personal project. The name was taken from a chapter title in "Story of the Eye" by Georges Bataille.

GRVD: You recently toured. Can you explain that experience and do you plan on touring more in the future?

PM: I went on two small tours, one to New York and one to Wisconsin. Both were very different experiences but very rewarding in their own ways. In New York, I got to meet up with a lot of friends I'd never seen in person before. Also, I learned that Chicago pizza is far superior to New York pizza. The performance I did there was one of the most cathartic experiences I've ever had.
In Wisconsin, I met a lot of new people. I had a very good time. Possibly the most memorable person was my friend Jason Covelli's son, Roman. He was a rambunctious child, but very enthusiastic and fun. We had him playing noise for a while, and shot video. It was a great time.
I'd definitely love to tour more in the future, and I'm sure I will.

GRVD: You're associated with many other projects. Can you describe them, your role in each, and how they differ from Poète Maudit?

PM: I have two other main projects, and a few minor.
Legs of the Fly, like Poète, is just myself. It's my newest project, and it's a very personal, very cathartic project. Much harsher, less organized, more emotional noise, with vocals and words. Performances tend to be close to performance art, involving rituals and actions.
The other, Look at the Flowers is a group project with a rotating cast. The two constant members are myself and my best friend William Shaw. At its simplest, it's prepared guitar duets between the two of us, at the most, it's a large group acoustic session. Not much has been recorded for it. It's inspired by my belief in the power of the group dynamic and also a bit by Zen Buddhism, and by a desire for improvisation. I've also been a member of Redsk and recorded sessions and collaborations with many artists. A tape collection of collabs with a lot of artists I really admire (Tanner Garza, Dive Signals, Richard Ramires, GX Jupitter-Larsen, and more) is long in the works and will hopefully be released soon.
There's also been talks of a "house band" of sorts for the label, Uninvited Records, I've been a part of. We've done one live session in NY.

GRVD: You have a pretty expansive amount of releases to your name. How do you find such constant inspiration?

PM: For Poète- I read a lot. If I find a poem I really enjoy, I note down a line and make plans to make a track. I usually arrange the track and make it during night shifts. Most of the tracks are made out of field recordings or warped edits of my voice.
For Legs- It's a personal thing. It either happens when I feel I need it too (at a point of personal tension) or when it feels right. It's a very lo-fi project, no planning for tracks, always recorded straight to my phone, relatively no editing.
The rest of my projects all depend on when I can get people together.

GRVD: Who are some of your favorite current noise artists you can recommend to our readers?

PM: I rotate in and out of a lot of things. I've been recently really getting into Ramleh and Skullflower. But as for currently functioning artists: Aaron Dilloway, the Ebony Tower, MPHIAT, GRVD (I'll always love your work), Sete Star Sept, Methlab Explosion, and probably many more.

GRVD: Anything you'd like to leave us with?

PM: I'd like to thank you for this interview, to anyone who's listened or bought something off me, and to all the artists I've worked with, am working with, and will in the future. I'd like to mention that if anyone local to me (Detroit and surrounding areas) wants to come out for a session and be a part of Look at the Flowers, you'd be more than welcome. Contact me and we'll arrange something. I'll buy you a pizza or Chinese food or something. And lastly, I'd like to mention that there are a lot of releases lined up for both Poète and Legs in the near future, and to keep an eye out for them.
Thank you!


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