Saturday, April 11, 2015

MPHIAT - Ten Songs Of Weird REVIEW


MPHIAT - or Mr. Potato Head Is A Tranny - is a one man noise project from Massachusetts. A noise maker whose releases have always been on the  fringe - yes, the fringe of noise - side of things, this full album of material shows MPHIAT at their loudest, weirdest, and most experimental. 

One thing that immediately will hit the listener is the vocal delivery. Sounding like a cross between Masonna, Jerome's Dream, and Anal Cunt, the vocals are frantic and bellowing high-pitched yelps over-modulated with scathing distortion and cacophonous reverb. The vocals definitely compliment the weird intensity of each track, and put the album into a direction the novice noise fan may find unsettling. 

From a composition standpoint, this album goes from grating harsh noise, so somber power electronics, to even noise-hop unapologetically. Proud of its odd atmosphere and asocial derangement, MPHIAT does exactly what they want to do, and they succeed on their terms - which is all that matters. 

"Ten Songs Of Weird" is an understatement. This is a cyclical and disorienting collection of songs that are sure to make even the most jaded of noise fans raise their eyebrows at points. Truly a weird, yet sublime record. 


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