Thursday, April 23, 2015

CRUSTGIRLS - Life Stuck On Repeat REVIEW


Crustgirls, the impeccable Florida noise outfit, bring forth pure atonal aggression and instability on their latest output. Released on the always diverse roster for New York's Uninvited Records, Crustgirls mix glitch, harsh noise, and Japanoise pseudo-worship (I mean this as a compliment, I promise), together to release some of the most unrelenting and downright hypnotic noise releases of 2015. 

The recording is split between 2 tracks. The first being a hard-hitting, repetitive assault on the listener, with noise-boxes and glitched vocals being thrown without remorse, whereas the second is a much more minimal, high-frequency wall of static fuzz and lush distortion that once again plays into the hypnotic feel of this release. The two tracks showcase diversity between each other, and are extremely complimentary. 

Easily one of my favorite current noise acts. This project deserves the attention and support it receives. Crustgirls is some of the finest, most abrasive and addictive noise you'll come across. 


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