Sunday, November 9, 2014

ALOCASIA GARDEN - Skin Of Ash And Veins Like Wire REVIEW


The personal and emotional aspect of noise is one that should never be overlooked. Already a prolific and aesthetically-conscious genre, noise - and most of if not all of the subgenres it encompasses - also possesses such an allowance of invasion from its performers. More often than not, artists allow, want - or perhaps force - their own independent worlds of personal turmoil onto the listeners. Many projects adhere to this philosophy of self-release, but few do it with as much conviction as ALOCASIA GARDEN.

UK synth noise outfit ALOCASIA GARDEN has graced listeners once again with a short, yet soaring release. Borrowing sounds from Ramleh, Puce Mary, and even some of Prurient's more melodic work (think "Pleasure Ground"), this project releases some of the most tortured and depressingly beautiful synth-noise this reviewer has heard in years. 

Composed of 2 tracks, this release starts strong with "Skin Of Ash". Starting off with what almost sounds like black metal influence, the track's melodic soundscapes soon soar and swoon and incorporate a static, piercing assault of electronics. The next track "Veins Like Wire" picks up where the last track left off, with a more brittle, thin sounding synth chord before the tracks grows and grows, incorporating low, dissonant hums and claustrophobic atmospheres complemented by harsh electronics in the vein of Japan's Hijokaidan. 

Exhibiting restrain and proper execution, this is a personal and mature piece of noise music. ALOCASIA GARDEN prove once again that the UK has some of the most promising and engaging acts in the modern scope of noise. Do not sleep on this project. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

GRIEF WORSHIP - Mirrored Interference REVIEW


Australian harsh noise / power electronics outfit GRIEF WORSHIP has presented us with a truly entrancing and crushing release. Borrowing moods, aesthetics, and textures ranging from everything to Knifedoutofexistence, Masonna, and Puce Mary, GRIEF WORSHIP release a brooding and transcendentally abrasive yet artistic release. 

From the artwork to the aesthetic and power of the release itself, GRIEF WORSHIP creates dread and excessive aural abuse in a near-flawless fashion. Definitely challenging contemporaries, this international noise dynamo is a force to be reckoned with. 

This tape starts off with the powerful "Ice Pick" and from there the listener knows what to expect. A complete aural assault and crushing expression of noise within the likes of Swallowing Bile and Methlab Explosion. Every track on here is concise and conceptually complimentary and truly makes this release organic. 

Released through Palinopsia Recordings, this release shows promise from this noise artist. Mirrored Interference is a truly crushing yet serenely confident release.