Sunday, October 5, 2014



Deciding to write this review at 3 a.m. was quite a fantastic idea - because this is exactly what I needed to hear at 3 in the morning. On this split release we see two noise artists who have quite the reputation and a bit of hype surrounding them release one of the strangest, most captivating and harshly satisfying splits of the year on Cincinnati's impeccable INFINITE UNDOING label. Each artist here is given roughly 10 minutes to completely destroy the listener, and each artist does so mercilessly. 

I'll start with the RAPE-X side. RAPE-X is a group I just keep seeing more and more of, and for good reason. Everything I've heard from his band has been demented, powerful, sadistic, harsh, and extreme in every sense of the word. Here, RAPE-X gives us one almost-ten minute track composed of two separate recordings. The first being what sounds like a live recording of a very dissonant Throbbing Gristle meets Deathpile kind of harsh drone, which at times is actually very calming and soothing yet downright creepy. After this track ends, RAPE-X attack us with their spastic onslaught of harsh power electronics and manic vocal delivery. This side was quite interesting and unexpected, but ultimately very satisfying. 

Now for the PLATINUM COLLAR side. This track is one of the harshest walls I've heard in a while. It's just fucking relentless and Earth-shattering. It just builds and builds with such emotional strength before climaxing and breaking that the listener is honestly sent into a trance - the mark of any good HNW track. The vocal are buried in the mix, which complements the wall perfectly and differentiates itself from other side of this split quite well. My only wish is that this track was a bit longer and perhaps ended on a more resolving note, but it's a fantastic HNW track nonetheless. 

Quite the listen at 3 a.m., these are two great noise artists you can not let yourself sleep on. Support them and the fantastic label. 


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