Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MINOY - Godcunt (1993) REVIEW


Minoy was the pseudonym for the underground electronic music icon Stanley Bowsza. As arguably one of the most prolific and influential American noise and electronic artists, Minoy's unreleased material was highly sought-after after his death in 2010. "GODCUNT" is one of these releases, and it is without a doubt still solidifies this artist's impeccable influence and power over the modern electronic music/noise scenes. 

The sounds on "GODCUNT" are demented, disheartening, personal, dissonant, and at times borderline disturbing in their eerie ambiance. Recorded in 1993, this piece showcases a wide variety of different textures, emotions, and auditory experiences. The use of samples is extremely complimentary to the tracks, and never feels forced. The production here is top notch as you would expect, with Minoy's tortured soundscapes being presented with such artistic vigor and integrity that even individuals who may not be fans of this genre will be able to appreciate the artistry presented here. 

Composed of 13 untitled tracks, the album is anything but repetitive or redundant. The sounds are constantly interesting and engaging, and the soothing and haunting quality of Minoy's work is incredible. One truly experiences quite the sense of euphoria when listening to this piece. It is challenging, interesting, disturbing, and extremely inspiring. 

I know the concept of a record being "ahead of its time" can sound a bit loaded, but this record does not sound dated by any means. If this were released today it would fit right in with works of KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE or any number of GENOCIDE ORGAN-worship projects. Perhaps "ahead of its time" isn't the right concept, but this work is truly timeless and is a required listen to any fans of Minoy's work or minimal electronic music. 

"GODCUNT" is a record of torture and rage - melancholy put to tape. Inspiring and daring, Minoy's legacy will surely live on in the underground community, and with good reason. 


Listen: https://minoy.bandcamp.com/album/godcunt-1993

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