Thursday, October 2, 2014



The Midwest United States has often been a source of inspiration for many an artist. From its often times bleak and repetitive atmosphere and nature, to its aura of loneliness and emptiness, these feelings of Midwest isolation permeate the art of many musicians and creative minds, including my own. Based out of Lima, Ohio, METHLAB EXPLOSION's second full length brings the grueling, harsh ugliness of the most extreme examples of the power electronics genre, and coincides these sounds with a sense of dread, loneliness, isolation, minimalism, and ultimately resentment. 

Starting with the track "Control", "Odium" punishes the listener from the get go. Incorporating harsh piercing waves, subtle buzzes and backdropped walls of sound, unsettling dissonance and tension, METHLAB EXPLOSION manages to make familiar ideas and sounds sound original, sincere, and most importantly, angry. 

"Nauseated" is a prime example of the minimalist approach flirted with on this release, while "Piss Fetish" has an almost gothic - and strangely melodic - sensibility and atmosphere to it reminiscent of a Wet Nurse release. 

It should be noted how well-executed the differing textures on this release are. The album stylistically shifts from grating harsh noise wall, to somber, clipping power electronics, to minimalist pulses and waves that wouldn't sound out of place on a Hive Mind release. The production is top notch without being overproduced or diminishing (not surprising since this is a release on the always-pleasing Placenta Recordings from MI). 

This release is 45 minutes of brutality recorded and presented to destroy any listener in its path. "Odium" boasts its influences while understanding itself and its process. Powerful, glooming, loud, and often chilling, METHLAB EXPLOSION'S sophomore effort is a required listen for this year in noise. 



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