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METHLAB EXPLOSION is the power electronics project of midwest noise-maker William Olter. I recently got the opportunity to interview this harsh noise dynamo and see where the project is heading.

GRVD: When did Methlab Explosion start, when did you begin making noise under the moniker, and what prompted you to create this style of noise? 

M/E: Methlab Explosion started in mid 2009 when my good friend John and I decided to start a noise/ grindcore project separate from our main band Faction Disaster. We recorded a Harsh Noise demo and a couple grind songs for a comp and pretty much ended after that.John moved across the country and I wasn't really interested in doing it anymore. In late 2012 I decided to start doing it again, so i pretty much kicked it into full gear and started pumping out sounds at an almost constant pace.

GRVD: Was Methlab Explosion your first project in the genre, or had you flirted with it at all in the past?

M/E: I had little projects and Noisecore bands with my friends as far back as maybe 2002. I've played in a good handful of Grindcore bands as well, but this is the first project i've done seriously as far as Harsh Noise / Power Electronics goes. I've always done most, if not all of the noise on any of my other band's releases and I've collaborated on Noise with lots of Michigan Harsh Noise brothers.

GRVD: Let's talk about your most recent release "Odium". What would you say were the biggest influences, musical or not, going in to this record? 

M/E: Sonically, I'd say I wasn't really influenced by anything in particular. I'd been listening to lots of M.B., Nikudourei and Anal Cunt around the time I recorded this which, aside from M.B., doesn't really translate into the sounds of the album. I'd say "Odium" mainly came from where my mind was at the time of recording. It wasn't even recorded that long ago, but I was in a different place mentally where a lot of stuff wasn't making sense and there was this overlying sense of pressure on everything. I've always been depressed, but this past year I've started to address it more and use music/ noise as an escape from it, so alot of that went into "Odium".

GRVD: You've released many splits with some very solid noise acts. Would you say you prefer the creative atmosphere of a split release or an independent EP/full length? 

M/E: They're both great to me. I like doing EPs and Full Lengths because they allow me to let sounds breathe more and the recordings as a whole sound more complete and well rounded, but I like splits because for one, I get to share a tape/ CD/ Record with someone I truly admire, but it also puts me in a position where I have to try and get the same ideas I'd put together for a Full Length out in a much shorter time, so it's kind of a challenge.

GRVD: Do you have any musical projects in addition to Methlab Explosion? 

M/E: Yeah, there are a few haha. Faction Disaster/ Erotic Stepdad/ UNEQUALTOYOU/ CxPxSx and there are a few I know I'm forgetting about. I do lots of one off recording projects so after a while it gets hard to keep track of all of them.

GRVD: When can we expect a follow up to "Odium"? What can fans and listeners look forward to on future Methlab Explosion releases? 

M/E: I'm actually starting the next Full Length in the very near future, like maybe the end of the month. I've got lots of splits coming out, some collaborations and some solo tapes etc. I'll be playing a few shows at the end of November with Isolation Order and I, Benign from Canada. Both solid guys and David from IO's band Disleksick is some of the sickest North American Noisecore. Also doing a bunch of more traditional band Methlab Explosion stuff with Mike from Pizzahifive on drums and myself playing bass, noise and vocals. Looking forward to that. Think Suppression meets Seven Minutes Of Nausea with some Masonna thrown in. I'm just going to keep on the path I've been creating this last year or two, try and expand on it and see where it takes me.

GRVD: Anything you'd like to leave us with? 

M/E: Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I didn't think anyone out there was actually listening to my stuff, haha. Midwest Noise rules all. Hail Cock ESP and Patrick Harsh.


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