Friday, October 3, 2014



ERASERHEAD - while also being one of my favorite films - is the Harsh Noise Wall / Power Electronics / Sound Art project of musician Jake Howard. Punishing, minimal, distorted, raw, and visually and aesthetically striking, ERASERHEAD is one of my favorite modern HNW projects. On this release, we see the artist bringing the listener a wall of disheartening and disturbingly unpleasant sound, while bringing with it a sense of remembrance, love, and pain. 

The cover image is apparently the work of Japanese visual artist Nobuyoshi Araki. The only liner notes present on the release state: "Rest In Peace to one of the greatest Japanese Visual Artists who ever lived". The image is striking and compelling, and seems to represent a theme in the wall of sound itself. It seems to embody some feelings of pain and romantic desire - lust perhaps. 

A powerful and strong 30 minutes of blistering HNW. A highly enjoyable listen for fans of the subgenre. 


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