Thursday, October 2, 2014



The UK never ceases to amaze me with their impressively talented and inventive noise artists. Described by sole member Reece Thomas Green as "depressive industrial synth abuse", this short but powerful and refreshing release is an emotionally-charged release of expression and rage. With the agonizing melodies and piercing lo-fi soundscapes challenging the listener, ALOCASIA GARDEN gives us a release of ugliness and beauty, a contrast of extremes, and hits the target perfectly. 

Starting off with the track "'A Man Without A Mask'", one might think they are listening to some of Lust For Youth's older material. The repetitive and beautifully docile synth melody is the calm before the storm that the rest of this record throws at us. The track winds and bends and and bleeds perfectly into the following track "Blue Figures". "Blue Figures" further exhibits a hauntingly beautiful synth melody expressed with distortion and melancholy. Majestically composed and minimal, this track compliments its predecessor perfectly. 

Closer "Howl Of Our Faith" is the harshest track on this release, building and building off of a simple fading synth rhythm. This track just builds and builds progressively until the lo-fi distorting creeps in, overwhelming and swallowing the track. Once again, this piece is executed with such wonderful precision. 

This short but powerful release is exactly what I look for in noise. Inventive, interesting, beautiful, emotional. I expect nothing but good things to come from this impressive UK noise dynamo. 


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