Tuesday, September 23, 2014



The Cherry Point have always been a group that has interested me and captivated me since the beginning of my entrance into the genre. Their work was always extreme, raw, and completely D.I.Y., which I respected and took with me as an influence on my own music. What little I know about the group - or rather the individual behind this static, chaotic wormhole of sound - is irrelevant in my opinion. As this release has continually been a work of noise that I have returned to time and time again for inspiration. 

Piercing, abrasive, destructive, emotionally-charged, The Cherry Point are about as extreme and disorienting as you can get in the world of harsh noise. This project is criminally under-appreciated and over-looked, yet highly influential to acts like Infirmary (who I may be reviewing very soon), and the like. 

The sounds captured here are so over-modulated and wrenching, yet so well executed and precise. It is chaotic and manic when it needs to be, yet furious bellowing and trudging when you least expect it, until it stabs you in the face once again with a sonic assault of high frequencies and feedback. 

This is by no means a new release in the world of noise, but rather just a fan showing his appreciation and gratitude for such a relentlessly powerful piece. 

Listen: http://monorailtrespassing.bandcamp.com/album/bloodstalkers

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