Friday, August 1, 2014



Waves Crashing Piano Chords is the one man noise project of New Yorker Sean Beard. A bit of a more controversial figure in the noise scene, WCPC is an act to be experienced live in order to receive the full affect. Not many artists, especially in noise, are able to capture the power of their live performance to tape as proficiently and impeccably as this project does. The following tape is one of the most disturbing and unpleasant - in the best way possible - releases this project has put out to date in my opinion. 

Composed of two tracks, "Childhood" is unique for a WCPC release. Devoid of the typical vocal assault and graphic sexual lyricism found on most of this project's releases, WCPC chooses instead to create something even more effective and damaging. Atmosphere. A completely raw, merciless aural assault on the listener, "Childhood" relies on dissonance, harsh feedback, minimal sampling, and a disturbing level of intimacy in order to recreate those painful feelings I'm sure many of us have during the years of childhood. 

Listening to this piece sent shivers down my spine. Love him or hate him, Waves Crashing Piano Chords is proving himself more and more to be a project in the world of noise that doesn't fall under the label of "one trick pony". Grim, dreadful, unforgiving, malicious, dissonant, and downright creepy, "Childhood" will surely make you feel fear like a child once again. 

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