Wednesday, August 6, 2014


KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE - Immaturity of Movement

I have said it before and I will say it again: Noise that is only influenced by Noise is the worst kind of Noise. And no other act proves this point better than KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE. United Kingdom noise act KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE returns with a release of pure anguish, rage, concept, and creative independence that leaves his contemporaries in the dust. Here we are given 3 powerful, dynamic, and enthralling tracks that bring the listener into a dark, disturbed, and somewhat confusing world of distortion, feedback, loops, samples, and atmosphere. 

Beginning with the track "Document #8 And Being Late", this UK noise artist carefully outlines the textures that will be present for the rest of this release. Cold, bleak, drenched a lo-fi ambiance reminiscent of 90's black metal, KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE wears his influences on his sleeve, and leaves any hesitation at the door. The release is self-described as being influenced by alternative rock and former No-Wavers Sonic Youth, as well as Jesus And Mary Chain. And in a strange way, this release embodies a lot of those textures and ideas in the most unexpected way. Imagine Thurston Moore having a collaboration with Genocide Organ and you've got a good idea of the powerful sound captured on this release. 

"Demons" and the title track "Immaturity of Movement" continue on this bleak and hypnotic journey. Drenched and modulated, the loops here never get over-bearing or boring. Instead, they bring the tracks a minimal, yet highly effective intensity reminiscent of some of Con-Dom and IRM's best work. 

A haunting and chilling listen, KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE showcase the power of simplicity, and the depressing power of patience. A strong contender for one of my favorite noise albums of the year, this release will sonically tear you apart, violently and without mercy. 


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