Sunday, August 3, 2014

CLOTTING - Sensory Secretion REVIEW

CLOTTING - Sensory Secretion

The debut tape from Chicago Power Electronics outfit CLOTTING is a release of pure electronic rage and power. Channeling textures of extreme wall reminiscent of Dead Body Collection and The Rita, while also incorporating some classic high frequencies and sonic assaults you'd find on a Whitehouse or Pharmakon record, CLOTTING combine these two elements extremely well, all the while burying the listener with a vocal delivery straight from hell. 

This release is riddled with samples and surprising elements - this includes a disturbing pitch shifted rendition of the Berlin hit "Take My Breath Away" - which really add to the crushing dynamics presented in the sound. This is truly a numbing, yet highly satisfying noise record. 

Highly recommended for all fans of modern Power Electronics, CLOTTING brings us one of the most solid debuts of the year. Sensory Secretion is a true understatement. 

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