Thursday, July 31, 2014

WET NURSE - Victim Of Apology Letter REVIEW


Noise should never be devoid of emotion. If anything, noise should be accepted as one of the most emotive and expressive forms of music. Through expressing the most human of emotions and currents, noise retains it's deeply personal identity. In the vein of artists like Deathpile, Swallowing Bile and Waves Crashing Piano Chords, the following act brings forward a deeply emotive atmosphere that will leave the listener with not only a cloud of melancholy, but a wave or euphoric grief as well. 

The Canadian Power Electronics act and head of Male Activity Records  brings us 2 powerful and dense tracks full of ominous rage and despair. One can't help but decipher a possible no wave influence (DNA, early Swans)when listening to opener "A Rose Amongst Thorns". An atmospheric and gothic ode to the likes of IRM, Wet Nurse presents a sound that is familiar, but fresh. The repetition and brutal minimalism of the track swallows the listener and refuses to let go, while the distorted and throbbing vocal delivery creates an even greater sense of unsettling misery for the listener. 

The second and final track on this tape is "Deflowered". This track once again brings its minimalism to the forefront, incorporating samples to bring a dark variation and romantic aesthetic to this release. 

I use the word romantic in the best way possible. This release seems deeply personal, and you can hear that in every single word spoken, and you can sense it in the aesthetic and delivery of this release. Complete with dead flowers, this release oozes of strong melodramatic tension, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. 

A deeply emotional experience, Wet Nurse is one of the most consistent and intelligent current noise acts. "Ten minutes of scornful basement industrial" does not do this release justice. Listening to this, you will feel like a true victim. A victim of misery and dread. 


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