Thursday, July 31, 2014

OUTSIDE - h.o.m.e.s. REVIEW

OUTSIDE - h.o.m.e.s.

One can't help but notice the strong new wave of bands experimenting and channeling the sounds of shoegaze, grunge, and emo. (I refuse to use the term "emo revival" because frankly it is a false term.) Within this new wave, bands have been going in a number of different directions, some a more straight-forward grunge, some an atmospheric, swirling shoegaze, and some an energetic expression of emo. I give you Michigan's own Outside, who aim to give you all 3 in a very cohesive and promising debut. 

Opener "Huron" immediately pulls the listener in and gives you a taste of what's to come: reverb-laden, ambient shoegaze with just a hint of modern emo and pop punk which gives this release a strong edge of crossover appeal. 

"Ontario", "Michigan", and "Erie" exhibit the more energetic side of this debut. Dripping with nostalgic charm and a strong lyrical delivery (highlighted especially in the track "Erie"), these 3 songs broadcast the band's ability of combining many ideas and genres into one cohesive, interesting, and emotional musical experience. 

Definitely worth checking out for any lovers of shoegaze, '90's emo, and modern grunge rock, Outside's debut reveals something that not many debuts are capable of doing: that this band is confident and self-aware without being pretentious or overly relevant. Shimmering, beautiful ambi-punk. This reviewer recommends that you go outside. 


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