Friday, April 11, 2014



The noise genre has often been cited as the last true punk art form. The entire ethic and moral system of punk and the numerous genres that evolved and spawned from it have all become commercialized, over-saturated, and ultimately watered-down to the point of exhaustion. Noise truly is the last realm of music that is still untainted by the perils of over-exposure and the self-destructive nature that is trend adherence. Noise is still innocent and, for lack of a better term, pure. 

New York power electronics/harsh noise dynamo Swallowing Bile now presents us with 3 truly crushing and powerful tracks that, while not my favorite content from the artist, still packs enough of a punch to resonate and bring you back for multiple listens. 

Opener "No One Is Safe" begins with what a female escort describing a gig gone horribly wrong. The sheer chilling ambiance of this introduction is enough to send shivers down your spine. The tracks explodes with sudden random bursts of harsh crashes as the girl's testimony continues and the track continues on, with the lyrics scorning us with the complete hatred and pessimism that comes with most Swallowing Bile material. 

The next track "A Declaration..." continues the bleak noise presented with the previous track, not leaving the listener even a moment to process what is happening. The track is engaging and intense, and transitions smoothly into the final track, the doom and gloom wall that is "Power Of The Will." 

This release is pure rage and pure passion, which has always been my favorite aspect of Swallowing Bile. Short, strong, to the point, and completely unforgiving, these 3 songs (and a majority of SB's material) are some of the most crushing examples of noise out at the moment, and I stand by that statement. The purity of noise will always be the genre's biggest appeal, and favorite trait among its fan base. Swallowing Bile are an act not to be under-estimated. 



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