Thursday, March 6, 2014



When skimming through the sometimes frustrating mirage of artists that is the hnw community, it is easy to sometimes become complacent to mediocrity. What few artists in the genre realize is that you can be as brutally harsh as possible, but without variety in the tracks, it will just come across as stale. Column Of Heaven understand this principle and create a short, yet haunting release that is sure to invigorate complete dread to its listeners.

The Canadian outfit, who have toured with the Pennsylvania noise-grind titans Full Of Hell, bring one atmosphere to the forefront on this release, and it is pure grimness. From the artwork to the haunting female and male voices and feedback ambience, this release is depressive noise at its best. The drums, though minimal, accentuate the music excellently, and give a punch that is unexpected but appreciated. And can we give credit to the melodic aspects of this album? Sure to make the hnw elitists enraged that it isn't a Vomir tribute project (thankfully), COH bring eerie tranquility, harsh noisescapes, and melancholic atmospheres in to create a truly interesting noise record. Quite the accomplishment in just under 10 minutes.

Black metal also shows influence on this release. Not in the traditional sense, but structurally the chord progressions here definitely feel as if they could've been on an Agalloch record (not a bad thing). The use of synths also reminds one of Burzum's more ambient material (Dauði Baldrs, Hliðskjálf).

Self-described as "devotional hnw", a spiritual aspect is present on this release. A highly inventive, interesting, and progressing musical experience (yes, all in 10 minutes), Column Of Heaven, bring influences from every corner they can, and leave all hesitations at the door.

True darkness, pure grim.


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