Saturday, February 1, 2014

LIMBS BIN - Total Anguish REVIEW

In the anonymous and polarizing world that is the modern noise scene, it is often difficult finding artists that truly grab your attention. From the ambient gentle drones of artists like Xela, to the extreme crushing walls of noise of Swallowing Bile, it is often hard for artists (new and established) to create something fresh and satisfying to not only themselves, but a mature listener as well.
I give you LIMBS BIN.
This digital-hardcore-spastic-cybergrind-noise-whatever-you-wish-to-call-it's most recent effort, the brief yet unrelentingly punishing TOTAL ANGUISH is a vicious auditory assault on the listener in the best way one can intend for it to be.
Immediately from the moment you hit play, the listener is brought into a world of minimalistic, electronic rage. The electronics are subtle while harsh, yet they are not overwhelming of the music. They truly bring about a bleak atmosphere of pure youthful frustration and complete anguish (see what I did there??)
Another factor here that is obviously worth mentioning is the vocals. An aggressive lashing and ranting which sounds like the purity of youthful disdain, hatred and frustration, the vocals truly bring this piece (a whopping 5 and a half minutes) another level of intensity not heard of on many noise and electronic/grind releases.
A highly recommendable and addictive listen, LIMBS BIN prove that you can do a lot with a little, be harsh without being overwhelming, and be aggressive without being campy or melodramatic. This release only brings one emotion to mind when listening, and it is total anguish.
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