Saturday, February 1, 2014



Let me preface this with some background information: From September to December of 2013, I underwent some extremely trying times. From personal struggles, so the loss of many friends and musical projects, it was a time of horrible confusion and for lack of a better word, gloom.
And in this stupor of isolation and depression, I delved deep into the deeper corners of forums, looking for music which I could find to ease my troubled mind in such a trying time. I found many groups and many albums, but few stuck with my apathetic mind.
Then I found this album, an album that I thought I had heard before. Sure, it was noise. Yeah, it was minimalistic and lo-fi and rough and all of those musical attributes I look for in noise music. But there was something different about this album from the get go, but at first glance, I was unaware of what exactly it was.
I would return to this album religiously; hoping to find out exactly what it was that was "clicking" for me when I would listen to it, but all of these times proved to be unsuccessful.
Then one night, I remember it vividly, I was laying in bed with the lights dimmed. I decided one last time I would put on this album and see if I could finally achieve that level of impact I kept wanting to find with it. And as I listened deeply and focused on the sounds, I looked out of my window and watched the street glisten from the fresh snow falling. And there it was, it clicked. I had reached a level of complete euphoria and happiness. Something I had not felt in months.
The beeps, scratches, fuzzed drones, they all soothed a rambling and frantic mind that was searching for that emotional standstill it had longed for for months.
This album will forever mean something special to me, and will remind me of a time that I found happiness through music in one of the most unexpected of places. While this may not be much of a "review", it is certainly a thank you. So whoever is the mind behind this work, thank you. Thank you oh so much.

FFO: tape loops, lo-fi noisescapes, drone, tape HNW, etc. etc.

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